Het dag i Tbilisi

Trojkaresan i södra Kaukasus har i dag fortsatt med politiska överläggningar i Tbilisi.

Om det var rätt angenämt när vi anlände till Batumi första kvällen har det här blivit lite mer krävande väder med temperaturen under dagen i staden över 40 grader – ett väder då kostym och slips inte alltid känns som den mest adekvata klädseln.

Men det har – detta till trots – varit bra överläggningar med främst den georgiska regeringen men också med olika företrädare för oppositionen.

Vi har försökt att lägga grunden för den närmare relation mellan Georgien och EU som ju är förutsedd i det Östliga Partnerskapet.

Under hösten hoppas vi bl a att det skall vara möjligt att inleda samtal om ett associeringsavtal. Vi vill också kunna inleda samtal om ett s k fördjupat frihandelsavtal av den art som vi nu förhandlar med Ukraina om.

Men nu är dagens överläggningar över och det stundar en mer informell sammankomst med olika internationella företrädare hemma hos kommissionens representant här.

Det blir ingen kostym!

4 Responses to Het dag i Tbilisi

  1. florentine1943 skriver:

    In My Humble Opinion and in full rerspect of Your person and Your mandates.
    You should be a little more careful with Georgian politicians
    Just look at their behaviour in the last times
    Feeding up fear for Russia’s power is an Art in which they excel, because Europeans actually have such a fear by themselves.
    On the other hand, sweeping off Saakashvili is, nowadays, an exigency for all, USA included, after his evident lies during the last year,
    as confirmed by Barack Obama himself, (more or less directly)
    a ”cold war atmosphere” with Russia has no objective reason to be and would only be a boomerang. For Europe (I add).
    Before ”helping democracy” be sure what and whom you are dealing with.
    Saakashvili was ”created” to get rid of Shevarnadze.
    It appears that the medicine killed the patient quicker than the illness.
    Would you like remaining in the future chronicles as ”the one who believed it”?
    You are a good Minister, your reputation is high: is it worthwhile risking this much on behalf of people who might have additional personal plans to vehiculate after Saakashvili’s removal? Would you like resulting as their ice-brekier boat?
    You grew up and became a good politician in a social paradise, but Caucase is something far and different.
    Much different.
    Take care.

  2. tushin69 skriver:

    International (under the aegis of UN, EU) administrative-police operation regarding organizing common house in Georgia.


    1. Engagement of international police contingent numbering 25-35 thousands policemen in all territory of Georgia (including Abkhazia and South Ossetia). Time of quartering is mach- December 2009. All the
    local police stations must be joint; as patrols they must represent themselves as local law enforcement organs and from international police
    administration with seniority of policemen from UN.

    2. Transmission of military arms in all directions (excluding police) under the security of international police force.

    3. Engagement of international officials in all level of administrative and municipal institutions of Georgia with the right of veto to determine these organs. Term of enactment is the first six months of

    4. UN organization will form international commission of jurists who will frame Federal Treaty and Constitution neutral for Georgia. Formation of commission will be in second half of 2010. . Elaboration and approval of text will be in first half of 2010.

    5. The return of all refugees who have the desire to come back to their home. Term of realization is 2010-2011.

    6. UN will be International Electoral Commission (IEC) in the territory of Georgia. Term of arrangement is 2011.

    7. Amnesty for all high and middle level political and military figures from all sides but with simultaneous defeat of having the right for
    opportunity to be elected and appointed in new government bodies. Time is 2011-2012.

    8. Conduction of International Electoral Commission for election of all representatives from regions of the federation (according to the division developed by jurists of UN. Term is 2011-2012.

    9. Signing the Federal Treaty and Constitution of Federal Republic of Georgia by elected epresentatives of regions of the federation. Term is end of 2012.

    10. Conduction of International Electoral Commission for all elections in legislative and executive bodies according to new Constitution. Term is 2012- 13.

    11. Gradual withdrawal of international police force and representatives of international administration. To some extent forming new organs, legislative and normative bases should be considered. Approximate term is the opening of Olympics Games in Sochi in 2014.

  3. florentine1943 skriver:

    I am sorry I answer after such an interval:
    I left for some rest.
    I carefully read the statement of intentions.
    Again I ask:
    – Did the politicians (NON GEORGIANS) who helped creating and signed such a document evr visited Georgia?
    – Did the EU Intelligence reported the actual feelilngs of the actual people, having no commitment with political ruling, living on two-figures salaries?
    – Did you carefully read pt. 2? The dynamic of events, namely 1 year ago, is nowadays clear. The military action was initiated by Georgia and the first russian reactions took place the following day, after the first victims already laid on the ground. (Bush and Putin had a meeting in Pekin about this).
    – Georgia initiated tha military action thanks to the availability of US armament and equipments, including the famous three Hummers as commanding units. Which will be the instructions given to the ”International Police Force” and who will be responsible for the IPF behaviour?
    – Was there at least a diplomatic approach with Russia with the aim of knowing at least their position about this plan ?
    – IMHO the withdrawal of IPF ahould take place AFTER THE CLOSING CEREMONY of Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. Just for further security. The IPF shall carry out so much difficult job until that day, why risk annulating all this?

    I have a principle in my life: something is GOOD if it is good for me and for anybody else.
    If not so, I may in any case undertake what I need doing, but I know that ”my” good may be not fair or my right to do it may be not so evident.
    Let us turn the problem on 180 degrees.
    1. If Russia gave armament to Mexico, or any other Centroamerican State
    2. If this State, with these weapons became aggressor of his neighbours
    3. If the US intervened with their Army ”in defense of the integrity of their borders”
    QUESTION: What would you and all we western citiziens think and say about this?

  4. florentine1943 skriver:

    I am sorry, I made a technical mistake while writing my final question, and namely at pt.2
    2. If this State, with these same weapons became an aggressor of a frontier province, having approved by popular referendum to became independent form Mexico (anybody remembers EZLN?).

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