The New Week

Another week of changes starting its journey.

On Friday we’ll get the new government in Sweden. And there will obviously be a new government in Austria at some point in time.

We are still waiting for the election results from Bosnia to see what they might imply.

And that local elections in Hungary brought setbacks for the ruling Socialists was hardly surprising.

The week will also bring important local elections in Georgia – in the middle of its dangereous crisis with Russia.

My week will be somewhat more Stockholm than usual.

But on Wednesday and Thursday I’m off to Rome for meetings there with business and government representatives, including Prime Minister Prodi. It will be centered on the role and possibilities of Italy as globalisation accelerates.

And then I might head from there to Brussels for some informal talks on the question of Turkey’s accession to the European Union. That’s a subject that will also be in focus the coming days due to Chancellor Merkel’s visit to Ankara in the weel.

Slowly, we see autumn arriving in Stockholm.

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