Hope in Iraq

As a rule, one should not rejoice over the death of a human being.

But the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq yesterday is a true reason for jubilation.

His aim was to spread death and destruction, and to inspire sectarian and religious conflicts, with a terrorism of the utmost bestiality.

His death in an airstrike, in ombination with the security ministries now filled in the new Iraqi government, is profoundly good news and brings some hope to a situation that otherwise started to look rather hopeless.

With the fundamentalist terrorism obviously weakened, the the new government must now start an offensive to encourage at the least the nationalist part of the armed insurgncy to lay down their arms and shift into the political process.

In combination with some accomodation of Sunni concerns related to the constitution that should be able to bring the fragile process forward.

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