Songs Showing A New Europe?

Not that it necessarily is a big thing here in New York – and whatever you think of it otherwise – the Eurovision song contest is a big event for many people throughout Europe!

In these days of discussions about ”the borders of Europe” and the need to concentrate on the old ”core Europe” it is interesting to note that the Eurovision contest is truly breaking out and demonstrating the existence of a much broader Europe.

Just look at the melodies and countries winning!

Finland with a very clear win. Why monsters is the mood of the day is beyond me, but that’s a separate issue. Win they certainly did.

Then came Russia followed by Bosnia Herzegovina. After that we find Romania, Sweden and Lithuania. And following them was Ukraine and Armenia.

It seems as if European cultural and creative vitality is to be found in the North, in the East and in the Southeast.

This is in fact not unlike what we are seeing in the economic growth figures for different regions of Europe.

It could of course be pure coincidence.

But it could also be the sign of something deeper and more significant.

Time will tell.

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