You Will Hear More About Natanz

Natanz is a place we will hear more about in the next few months. It’s the location in Iran where they are building their uranium enrichment facility.

And it’s really around activities at Natanz that the entire controversy is now concentrated.

It takes some time to build a properly functiong enrichment facility. There are no signs of the Iranians being close to it. It is even more complex to take the process to the high enrichment needed for nuclear weapons.

What the Iranians have done now is to restart some undefined ”research activities” at Natanz. Most probably that means work on a centrifugte for enrichment, which crosses a distinct red line of the international community.

Even if it – even if they went all out for it – in all probability would take some time for them to get close to a weapons capability – IISS says at the least five years – it’s still a rather massive faculity they are building.

The linked series of satellite images gives a good picture of the entire thing and how it has evolved.

Not in particular the fairly large underground structures.

Stay tuned, as they say.
Natanz – Iran Special Weapons Facilities

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