Lessons from Canada?

Are there are lessons to be learnt from the change coming out of the election in Canada?

Probably. In my view it shows that after having had the same party in government for 13 years, people simply think that it’s time for change.

They also see that over time power has a tendency to corrupt. In the case of the Liberal government, that become obvious over time.

It also demonstrate that there is always the possibility of a come-back – although it can take its time.

It was in 1993 that the Progressive Conservatives suffered one of the worst electoral defeats in modern Western political history. After having dominated the politics of Canada during the 1980’s, they in 1993 ended up with only two (2) seats in Parliament.

There were many reasons for this, perhaps primarily a split that meant that a new party emerged in the western parts of Canada.

Gradually, that split was overcome, and in combination with people simply being tired of what they saw as a scandal-ridden administration, this paved the way for the come-back of the Progressive Conservatives.

It wasn’t the economy. It was healing divisions in the opposition, being on the attack all the time and focusing on the scandals of a tired government.

Stephen Harper is to be congratulated for his achievement.

Others can learn from what he has done.

CBC News: Harper vows to get down to work with first focus on accountability

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