Israel Prime Minister anti-Semitic?

It was indeed a major policy speech acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert delivered to the Herzliya conference some hours ago.

There is no doubt that he wants to move on with a peace process.

Although he talked about ”Judea and Samaria” as culturally and historically part of Israel, he also talked about the need to divide the land into what he sees as two different ”homelands” – one for the Jewish people and one for the Palestine people.

But he was hardline on wanting a united Jerusalem as part of Israel. 120 000 Palestinians living in Eastern Jerusalem might have another view of that.

Nevertheless, his speech meet with immediate harsh opposition from the Jewish settlers in the West Bank. The settlers’ Yesha Council went so far as saying that ”Olmert’s speech was sown with anti-Semitic overtones vis a vis the settlers.”

That says more about them than about Prime Minister Olmert.

To accuse a Prime Minister of Israel of anti-Semitism because he talks about peace with the Palestinians is indeed rather thick.l

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