Road for Turkey as Important as Destination

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Today, the European Parliament is discussing the issue of starting accession negotiations with Turkey.

That negotiations will start on October 3rd now looks virtually certain. It’s only Austria making some strange sounds, but they might in fact be playing for something else.

In Parliament, enlargement commissioner Olliu Rehn has been presenting his point of view.

And he makes the important point that the journey is as important as the destination.

In more concrete terms, this means that the continued reform process that will have to be driven forward in Turkey during the years of negotiation might be as important as achieving the goal of membership.

This is certainly true. One needs only to look at the example of the Central European and Baltic states to see the critical importance of the journey.

It’s a journey of new European reforms and European transformation that starts for Turkey on October 3rd.

Good for us all.

One Response to Road for Turkey as Important as Destination

  1. Stig N skriver:

    In media you can read that Britain is positive due to good economy today (from Thatcher in the 80:ies?). Germany and France are more reluctant towards Turkey due to more economic problems (due to less reforms by Mitterand and Kohl?). Austria seem strange (due to old memories?).
    This discussion have been going on for many many years and now it is time to start sharp negotiations.
    Even I have seen many positive changes in Turkey with my own eyes.
    This is an historic moment to change EU , Europe, Turkey and the Islamic world into future. Why do such strange arguments pop-up in the last minute? There are lots of clever people in a clever community, doing their very best for our long term future. Why then these strange arguments?
    Carl Bildt, you might give us an explanation?

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