Sharon The Right Man

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The Israeli disengagement from Gaza has been completed. All in all, the complex process worked out better than expected.

In the linked letter, the chief analysts at the Israel Policy Forum in the US applauds the statesmanship of Ariel Sharon in carrying out this fundamental shift in his and in Israels policy.

The continuation of disengagement will of course be far more difficult, but that there has to be a continuation is beyond doubt. Israel must change course in order to be able to make peace and survive as a democracy.

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  1. Simon Petrus skriver:

    Dear Carl Bildt,

    How would you like the peace agreement to be written? What are your solutions to the issue of settlements, refugees (both Jews and Arabs), and finally the borders? Does a peace between Israel and the Palestinian authority include peace with the rest of the Arabic world in which several countries are still at war with Israel? And finally what guarantee should Israel have against an Arabic invasion in the future?

  2. Blogbluddle skriver:

    Peace is more complex today.

    The Israelis are regrouping to gain better positions, but sad for the settlers being pushed around on the chesstable.

    We have got the new Islamic order or imperialism to get rid of, or the world will eventually end up as ‘The Planet Islam’.

    So it would be unwise to let the finger from the trigger.

  3. Ralph the Ogre skriver:


    Time for a test in political science:
    (Do not read the answer until you have tried to solve the quiz 4 times!)

    1) When did Gaza, Judea and Samaria become Palestinian?
    2) When was Palestine internationally recognized as an independent state?
    3) How many industrial villages has EU put in Palestinian areas to lead them the way to an independent economy? USA? Sweden? Israel?
    4) When did PLO amend their charter, where it is written that all Jews in the area who have come since the 1920’s are illegal settlers? And many other things?
    5) Do the Arabs love Sharon now, when the Muslim terrorists have proven that they do the right thing, with the help of lots of international money?

    Please turn the rest upside down until those questions are answered.

    1) There is exactly one internationally valid decision: to be found on when it was decided, in San Remo, in 1920. In short – the Mandate of Palestine was to become a Jewish national home. It is TINY!!! The Arabs got 500 times more at the same time. Still, the Jews should not throw out anyone else already living there. At the time they had not any kind of idea that Arabs would be virtually flooding in when the economy grew. In 1939 both Churchill (then in opposition) and Rosevelt showed their surprise at the fact. NOT A SINGLE ”decision” from UN concerning Israel has been anything but ”recommendations”. And remark – in the San Remo declaration is nothing said about Arabs who entered the land after tht date. Agree? Otherwise show some document telling the contrary.
    At the creation of Israel, Egypt and Jordan illegally invaded G/J/S – only England and Pakistan has ever declared these occupations legal. Otherwise – please present the document when the Swedish Foreign Department did so. After 1967, when Israel was attacked again by all the Arabs, they occupied this No Man’s land according to international right, waiting for a peace negotiation to decide the ownership. This does not concern private ownership, controlled by civil laws.
    Sure, Arafat signed tons of papers, he has signed that he promises to collect the weapons of the terrorists a number of times, every time he got a piece of land to call his, Area A, Hebron, control of the refugee camps in Gaza etc….. He did not do a thing, Abbas continues exactly the same way. Arafat at least pretended to amend the PLO Charter, in 1996, when he was elected for ra’ees until 1999, he did not do a thing – it is still on the official PLO web site with Arafat’s comments at the end: ”For the Americans: do not believe this”….. Strange that they have not had time to put in a single amendment in the text.
    2) Last time Arafat said no was in the year 2000. Abbas has signed the Road Map, which would end with a Palestine, but already in step one he MUST collect all the weapons of the terror group, otherwise there is no Palestine and they do not even own a square meter of land legally!
    3) Israel asked Arafat if they could put industrial villages in his domains for the benefit of the palestinians, he grumbled NO, so Israel put them in Jordan instead. They did it anyway on the border between Israel proper and Gaza, to the benefit of lots of Palestinians, just as lots of them worked for the Jews in Gaza. Intel is just about putting yet another factory in Israel, but would not dream of doing it in Abbas-controlled areas. I have asked the Swedish Foreign Department several times why not they, or EU, do it but not no answer at all. Secret diplomacy?
    4) Arafat at least pretended to amend the PLO Charter, in 1996, when he was elected for ra’ees until 1999, he did not do a thing – it is still on the official PLO web site with Arafat’s comments at the end: ”For the Americans: do not believe this”….. Strange that they have not had time to put in a single amendment in the text.
    5) First look at the very simple cartoon in Al Ahram, Egypt, that describes the Arab feeling, at and then read the interpretation in Los Angeles Times:,1,3318490.story?coll=la-headlines-world&ctrack=1&cset=true

    How many points did you get, Mr Bildt?

  4. Björn Hallberg skriver:

    Indeed. Even if I am usually sceptical towards Israel by default, knowing their short history all too well, I too have to commend this historic move. But as pointed out, it’s only good for anything if the determination for a continued disengagement is actually there.

    Just imagine the kind of negative campaigning decent Israeli officials are subjected to. Just look at the ill will that this blog posting is creating. Even though none of the people involved have anything material to lose. Well, of course those that rear their heads here are usually extremists, Christian fundamentalists, Zionists … not the average bunch of people … but still … do you ever hear the other side of the story … rarely …

  5. Blogbluddle skriver:

    Hallberg might represent the average leftie, which is an extremist.

  6. Ralph the Ogre skriver:

    Hallberg –

    Are facts ever relevant for persons who admit that nothing Israel does is correct? It seems correlated.

    Why no comments on the hard facts I mentioned?

    Why is not a single person on the left side of reality telling that Abbas has signed the Road Map but has no plans of following it? He signed that he would stop hate propaganda and collect the weapons of the Muslim terrorists in his area, he had not done anything about it. It does not disturb you?

    The Jews have ONE country, the Arabs have almost two dozen, and it does make a difference.

    And concerning Sharon – is Israel appauded when its leader is doing what he was elected by the people NOT to do?

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