John Tierney: Why all the fuss? – Editorials & Commentary – International Herald Tribune

The US political scene is at present entirely consumed by the issue of Karl Rove. Described by president Bush as the ”architect” behind his second-term victory, he is widely and in a somewhat exaggerated manner seen as ”the genius” behind the throne in the Bush world.

No suprise he is seen as somone that should be attacked by all means by his political opponents. That’s part of the game.

Few persons are by now able to see the big issue in all the small issues loaded on each other in the media frenzy over the Karl Rove issue on this – I’m presently in the US – side of the Atlantic. It’s an inside Washington story gone ballistic.

The piece in the International Herald Tribune I have linked to here tries to put things in perspective. Not easy – but important.

One Response to Nadagate

  1. Limber skriver:

    The article is indeed one of those pieces that should be read by more people, but never will be.

    Although I have no praise to give Karl Rove, a person who could be a prominent character in the movie ”Wag the Dog”, witchhunts are always something that should be frowned upon.

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