Electronic Estonia

The State Chancellery of the Republic of Estonia

Estonia continues to advance rapidly in terms of the use of modern information technologies.

Now it has been decided to pave the way for Internet voting in first the local elections scheduled for October of this year and for the parliamentary elections in 2007.

That’s – to my knowledge – a distinct first. Estonia is likely to establish itself as the global avant garde in these important areas.

Not bad – mildly speaking – for a country that only 15 years ago was still a part of something called the Soviet Union.

Remarkable, in fact.

One Response to Electronic Estonia

  1. Sven K skriver:

    This new and expanding technology seems to pose a threat to old fashioned regimes that won´t let people cast their votes on certain issues, and should therefore be supported by the UN.

    In the backyard of former USSR real democracy then might grow, but in Sweden and other pre-islamic states obstacles have to be removed – but will that happen?

    E-democracy has got its limitations when it comes to ”reality”, that is ideology or religion.

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