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Berlingske Tidende

For those that haven’t bruished up their Danish lately – here is a link to a possibility.

It’s an OpEd by me in the leading Danish daily Berlingske Tidende on the occasion of also Denmark getting a think-thank devoted to advancing the debate on key policy issues.

I’m on its Advisory Board in the same way as I’m on the Advisory Board of its Norwegian think-thank brother – or sister? – Civita.

We need to widen the horizons of the political debate in the North of Europe – and these are important contributions to this.

4 Responses to Danish Training

  1. simulev skriver:

    ”debate on key policy issues.”

    Uh-oh Carl, can of worms warning….
    But good luck Mr. Bildt.

  2. Blogbluddle skriver:

    In Denmark Per Ahlmark is very much appreciated for his lack of political correctness, while Mr. Bildt represents a more traditional, that is lefty political environment.

  3. BGAN skriver:

    What is a ”think-thank”?

  4. El Loco skriver:

    What happens now at both ends of the bridge from Kopenhagen to The Republic of Skane if they now have joined the Federal Republic of Sweden? I always travel by train so
    this can be a problem as I can´t find any information about this matter anywhere else. I trust you Mr Bild and fellows of the blog to sort it out for me with further information. Rgds. El Gringo

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