Freedom for the Arab World

In its third Arab Development Report, a group of Arab scholars under the auspicies of the UNDP analyses the state of freedom in the 22 countries of the Arab world.

The picture the report presents is a depressing one – although one where there is some reason for hope.

There has been some genuine advances. Apart from elections in Palestine and Iraq, the report notes legislative elections with women voters and candidates in Oman, competitive multiparty presidential elections in Algeria, the formation of Human Rights Commissions in Egypt and Qatar and the adoption of a new family law safeguarding women’s rights in Morocco

But overall, most reforms so far have been embryonic and fragmentary. The report notes that a State of Emergency has been continued since decades in Egypt, Syria and Sudan.

Nevertheless, the report states that ”we are moving with greater confidence in a new direction now, and there is a strong awareness of the irreversibility of change – change driven by the Arab street, not change adopted from afar.”

It could be worse – in fact, it used to be far worse.

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  1. Sven K skriver:

    Nothing can stop Islam since it uses unlimited violence to achieve its goal, expanding at high speed in Europe, US and the rest of the world as well. Once in place, there are no guarantees…

    There is nothing we can do, of course unless adopting the principles of the Third Reich, using large scale power to clean up continents. Since WW2, however, western people have rejected any such thougts.

    Thus, the world will become muslim within maybe 30 years. Until then let the very last free people on Earth feel happy and pretend there are no threats at all.

  2. piggyslaveunit1 skriver:

    Come on – if Islam is as bad as you say then why are westerners converting to this religion more than any other. Nobody is forcing them but they do it by their free will. Democracy in Iraq – does not exist. A puppet government put in place by a government that disregards human rights right is in no case a democracy.

  3. simulev skriver:

    Dear Mr Bildt, its seems you won’t give up on the obsessive fairytale?

    ”Apart from elections in Palestine”

    So for clarification, Can you describe some simple facts for me and the rest of your readers?

    Where does this state/nation lay? What are it’s recognized and acknowledged borders? Where can I read about “Palestinian historians and poets”, prior to 1964? What state currency does it use? What is its long term history? Are there any archeological dugouts that supports the claim of perhaps a ancient “Palestine kingdom” and its “Palestinian people”?
    What are the inhabitants national language, culture, traditions, and religion (that usually are the smallest common nominators for separating out unique ethnicity’s) separate them exactly how from a common Arabic, as the majority are Muslims? What is Arabic nationalistic political aspirations for unity in an ummah that the Arab people are one nation and the Arab League members along with various clan leaders continues speaks about this does or does not apply?

    Educate me please, I urge you.

    In comparisement, Disneyland exist, “Palestine” don’t.

  4. simulev skriver:

    Hey Carl,
    I got a great idea. If some people in the future would decide to start calling themselves for Marsians, a non-existing entity, and then of course subsequently claim that the Bildt residence (yes, your home which you paid for) actually once was called Mars, (named as such by foreign barbaric invaders in spite to mock your residential ancestors) thus a rename of your home into Mars would be more appropriate. And then rant around chanting and yelling “Mars for Marisans”. Just before they start to really wind themselves up in frenzy while arming themselves to their teeth, pointing the guns towards your house windows…
    Would you like such hypothesis? No? Perhaps you, (probably panicking) would call in the doctors and police experts from the straightjacket asylum squad to, with force, evict the intruders from the premises?
    So why then the reoccurring word play charades in the same manners with “Palestine”? Then again,Santa-Claus exist today also, but mostly in the minds of five year children.

    “It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria”
    – Ahmed Shuqeiri, later the chairman of the PLO, to UN security council.

    Is history forgery politics and disinformation something you wish to use, with ongoing verbal legitimizations support, to the “Palestinians”, rewarding past 40 years of PLO/PA terror who’s recent ideological ancestor comes straight descending from propaganda national socialism, and so far some have only proven themselves to be the best Jew killers after Adolph Hitler?
    Bildt … why not … ?

    Oh and Mr. Bildt, while you think about how you easiest will dodge above previous post school grade simple questions, you might want to take a closer look towards the Israeli and Jewish claims for the land of Judea and Samaria -as it has been known as, to mankind, for the last four thousand years.

  5. Sven K skriver:

    Interesting that the proclaimed Holy Land remained a piece of no mans land for so long. I would have gone there right away to build the Holy Nation.

    In Africa there were similar troubles once borders were set, which might suggest a general border set problem.


  6. AndersJ skriver:

    It appears to me that this forum is hijacked by radicalists. Surely Carl’s opinions are not indisputable nor is he or claims to be an expert in Arab affairs, but his musings are thoughtful and infinitely more neutral than the comments he receives in return.

    The reason I stop by here every once in a while is my wish for thoughtful, informed, well-reasoned and not overly jaundiced (snedvriden) debate. Anyone else??

  7. Peter skriver:

    It is interesting to note – again and again – how easily we westerners confuse ‘arab’ with ‘islam’ or ‘muslim’.

    Even worse is the rampant misusage of ‘islam’ and ‘violence’.

    … and finally, Radicals is a far too diplomatic word. I second andersj in his opinions about this blog.

  8. simulev skriver:


    Recognized and acknowledged borders? History?
    Anyone? Someone? NO-ONE?

    …In other ”moderate” wordplays, let’s rename Sweden into Russia…

  9. Anonymous skriver:

    Truth, facts and reality really don’t matter for dumb left-driven propaganda apparatus.

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