Reform in Palestine

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It was undoubtedly an important meeting that was held in London this Tuesday on how to help building a viable and democratic Palestine state.

The initiative come from Tony Blair, but the meeting was well attended in every single respect. Palestine President Abbas was obviously there, but so was UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, US Secretary of State Rice, President of the Europan Commission Barroso and numerous others.

Since I was at the same time at the University of Cambridge giving lectures and being part of seminars on ”Peace After War”, I couldn’t follow all the details of the conference, but the concluding remarks by Tony Blair seems to sum up what was achieved.

A good days work, obviously.

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  1. Anonymous skriver:

    Once a state is built all will be happy, but what will its economy rely on – maybe there is some oil or coconuts there? It resembles India with a fast growing population producing daydreamers, not unlike the immigrant areas we build in Sweden.

  2. simulev skriver:

    Israel was not attending. I cannot help wonder when Bildt turned into a leftist, who wishes to reward Islamofacist terrorism, and wonder when Bildt will (ever) get it?

    Preserving the right of the Jewish people to Eretz Israel, as a perpetual right that cannot be questioned, constant settlement and development of all parts of Eretz Israel, and imposition of the State’s sovereignty over them.

  3. Carl Bildt skriver:

    The person behind the designation simulev betrays himself more and more.

    The London conference was supported by all key political leaders all over the Western world.

    His vision is obviously an Israel that develops into an apartheid state constantly occupying all of Palestine.

    Such an Israel will hardly be able to survive as a democratic state, will lose all the support it has around the world, and will face a future of constant war and violence.

    It’s not surprising that the vast majority of Israelis are turning their back on extremists like him.

    But they are dangereous. It was people with dreams like his that murdered former Prime Minister Rabin.

    Extremism like his is the greatest danger that Israel faces today.

  4. simulev skriver:

    Bildt happily continue display his own clueless ignorance of both known Jewish history and current politics.
    The second part of my previous post was in fact not mine, but the democratically governing Israeli party Likud.

    Fact of matter, it’s their party constitutional goal (The Likud Constitution, Part 2: Aims) that Sharon previously, with a majority of Israeli Jews, was elected leader on.

  5. AndersJ skriver:

    Having spent a large portion of my life in NYC and having more Jewish than white friends, I have never throught of myself as an Anti-Semite. Anything would be further from the truth.

    And so it was with a largely American view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that I visited Tel Aviv last year.

    I was dumbfounded by the ubiquitous rhetoric and overt racism (a word I always hesitate to use) pervading Israeli society – in fact, the one-sidedness and fervence of it was no different from that in Palestine or in other parts of the Middle East. The contrast between it and the high general level of education and the commitment to democracy and even to Europe was stark.

    Any questioning of the Israeli point of view is meant with blazing accusations of anti-semitism. It was disheartening to me, who felt such closeness with the Jewish community in the US, to be faced with such accusations when voicing only the slightest doubt about the validity of a view that, on any scale, is reactinary and chauvinistic.

  6. Sven K skriver:

    Once upon a time Vikings became bored and decided to spread over the world. That’s why there are so many blonds in England, France, Russia, Arabia and consequently even among Jews, and they often do very well. Blond mixed Jews seem to do extremely well (Danny Key, for instance).

    All these individuals with something in common, skin and modest attitude as well, have got a certain commitment to go back and settle down in the land of Vikings, which included Norway, Sweden, Denmark and some islands. Thus, principles of Toran may apply anywhere.

  7. simulev skriver:

    What did I claim an hour after the savagery homicide bombing, about the ”reformed” PA that Bildt seems so happy about? Well, PA media watchdogs has now gathered some information:

    Jerusalem Post Op-Ed, March 2, 2005:
    Saboteur and Shahid
    By Itamar Marcus & Barbara Crook

    One of the most striking – and effective – strategies of the Palestinian Authority under Yasser Arafat was its policy of presenting one message in English to mainstream media while delivering a separate, often contradictory, message to the Palestinian people in Arabic.

    In the aftermath of Friday night’s terror attack on a beachfront Tel Aviv night club – the first under the tenure of Mahmoud Abbas began – it is clear that the Palestinian media under Abbas’s control are continuing Arafat’s standard policies.

    While the foreign media accept at face value the PA’s official condemnation of Friday’s suicide bombing, the PA-controlled media are glorifying the bomber as a shahid (martyr who died for Allah) – the highest level of human achievement for a Muslim. By granting shahid status to the murderer, the PA media are portraying suicide terror as a positive religious act.

    The official condemnations of the bombing, therefore, focus not on deploring the act but on lamenting the consequences: damage to the Palestinian cause.

    Sunday’s front-page coverage of the story in the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida features a giant color photo of the terrorist at the top of the page, with the caption: ”The executor of the Tel Aviv operation, the shahid Abdullah Badran.”
    Caption: ”Executor of the Tel-Aviv operation, the Shahid Abdallah Badran”
    [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 27, 2005]

    Another photograph shows his mother holding the terrorist’s picture, and is captioned: ”The mother of the Shahid.”

    The daily newspaper Al-Ayyam refers to ”the family of the Shahid.”Al-Quds refers to ”the family of the shahid Abdullah,” and to the arrest of ”the shahid’s two brothers” and to a ”mourning tent in memory of the shahid.” An earlier story in Al-Ayyam refers to the bomber as ”Istish-hadi” – a shahid who actively sought death for Allah and succeeded.

    To get a sense of the status the PA-controlled media are granting Friday’s terrorist by
    defining him as a shahid, here are the rewards awaiting the shahid, as described earlier by a Palestinian religious leader on Palestinian TV:

    ”When the Shahid meets his Maker, all his sins are forgiven from the first gush of blood, and he is exempted from the torments of the grave. He sees his place in Paradise. He is shielded from the Great Shock and marries 72 Dark-Eyed [Maidens]. He is a heavenly advocate for 70 members of his family. On his head is placed a crown of honor, one stone of which is worth more than all there is in this world.” (Dr. Isma’il al-Raduan, PATV, August 17, 2001)

    Accordingly, the use of the terms ”shahid” and ”Istish-hadi” for the terrorist leaves no question about the message the PA-controlled media are sending Palestinians about this terror attack: This murder and death for Allah, like those in recent years, is the supreme positive act for a Muslim.

    Given this ultimate veneration of the act of murder, condemnations of the suicide attack within the PA-controlled media have focused on the ”poor timing” and the fact that the attack was a violation of the agreement between Abbas and Hamas to stop killing civilians during the cease-fire. The killings were criticized because they were detrimental to PA policy – nothing more. As in the Arafat years, the act of killing Israeli citizens was not portrayed as immoral or wrong.

    On Monday, Hassan Asfour, a member of the PA parliament, put it this way on PA TV: ”This is the first action that no one is happy about. Everyone felt that the timing is not [right] and there is absolutely no need for it… It is not because the resistance against the occupation is a mistake, but because the nature, location and timing of the action are a mistake.”

    Both Abbas and his adviser Nabil Abu Rudueineh criticize not the morality of the action itself, but the damage to the Palestinians:

    ”President Mahmoud Abbas described the operation… as a condemned sabotage attack, blaming a third party for the execution in order to jeopardize the peace process and to damage the reputation or the Palestinian people.”

    ”Presidential adviser Nabil Abu Rudeineh [said the PA] ‘condemns this operation especially coming after the hudna and the calming, which were achieved with the factions… the Authority opposes any action, which targets civilians. This is a part of the hudna which was declared in Sharm el-Sheikh. We oppose any violation of this hudna.’ He also clarified that this sort of action harms the supreme national interests of the Palestinian people.”

    Under the new leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, the message to Palestinian society remains essentially unchanged from that of the Arafat era:
    Killing Israeli civilians is positive. Just be sure the timing’s right.

  8. Simon skriver:

    Simulev said

    ” Killing Israeli civilians is positive. Just be sure the timing’s right.”

    I have only one question:
    During the last 5 years how many Palestinians has been killed by Israel and how many Israeli has been killed by Palestinians?

    Wake up! And stop the terrorist acts preformed by Israel.

  9. simulev skriver:

    Simon says:

    ”I have only one question:
    During the last 5 years how many Palestinians has been killed by Israel and how many Israeli has been killed by Palestinians?”
    OMG…are you happy with what you think you know, which is little to nothing? Not only are your insinuations lacking common logics, but your poorly whole agenda are flawed.

    First of all a body count does not equals to who might be right and who is wrong, that leftists want to produce with their “underdog” statements. Or would you suggest that the Nazis in fact had higher moral ground to stand on, since the allied forces destroyed the waffen SS by the thousand in ending of WW2?

    Second of all, check the specific numbers. Israeli causalities the majority of the murdered has been unarmed civilians and often youngsters only minding their civilian life and business. On the Arabic side the complete opposite, armed adult terrorist who has been eliminated with smoking guns in their hands. And while the Israeli civilians has been maimed on their way with children to kindergarten. The Arabic terrorist has in their numbers such events also as, bomb factories blowing up by accidents, killing Arabic “collaborators”, non voluntary “human shields” stuck in crossfire’s initiated by Arabic terrorist, to shooting each other in feudalistic clashes and mafia power struggles down to car accidents.

    Third of all, no one should or would have died at all, if the Arabic side had stuck to civil negotiations, instead of unleashing the terror-wave under the chants of “kill the Jews” as seen the last five years, as an answer if they wanted a twenty-third Arabic state.

    ”Wake up! And stop the terrorist acts preformed by Israel.”…Simon is then yelling, happily indoctrinated by obvious “Anti-Israelism” as a poorly disguise for anti-Semitism.
    Fine then, just show us one (1) Israeli homocide bomber who has on purpose strapped on a bomb-belt filed with nails and screws, drenched in rat-poison, and then on purpose specifically and deliberately targeted innocent civilians trying to mass-maim, and mass-slaughter innocent Arabs, and that the Israeli society has supported this at large, by proven public celebrations, with hundreds if not thousands pouring out in the streets, and shooting in the air, and dancing drunk of joy and handing out candy to the attending youngster, while singing martyr songs in memory for the mass murdering terrorist.

    Because on the Arabic serial-killing side anyone with the slightest knowledge can show hundreds of such barbaric events, only this new millennia

  10. Anonymous skriver:

    I think there is big hope for Israel when Syria quits Lebanon, since Palestinians will feel less safe then and have to behave themselves.

    If Islamic terror continues, however, Israel might have to occupy all Arab land in order to create stability.

    Unfortunately the Islamic world will never recognize the western principles that Muhammed rejected in order to become dictator. The true nature of Islam has been exposed by hordes of maniacs, and the free world has to put an end to it. The lessons of dictatorship have already been learned.

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