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Danuta Hübner is now member of the European Commission from Poland, but in the 1970’s she was just a girl that had the possibility of leaving her country and go to the University of Sussex in England.

Now she’s been back getting an honorary degree and speaking to its students. Her remarks on thge changes her Europe has seen and the tasks ahead are well worth reading.

The future of Europe depends on its ability to change – which is driven by the younger generation.

And she urges the students to ”become beacons of entrepreneurial zeal but alo of tolerance and understanding.”

”Travel, mix with strange people, become cosmopolitan… seek to understand even the strangest of your fellow human beings.”

7 Responses to Travel, Mix, Understand and Change!

  1. Blogbluddle skriver:

    Growing up in the USSR may cause an unsuspicious view on western society once released from the intellectual prison. It´s a quite understandable traumatic response when tasting freedom.

    Unfortunately, not even high representatives of the new democratic superstate seem to recognize the failure of democracy and immigration politics in the western world, and the devastating consequences that we already have faced.

  2. Carl Bildt skriver:

    Sorry, but she’s coming to Poland, and she is talking about the contribution that the European Union has done not only to bthe freedom of her country but to the future of the continent.

    I would, in all modesty, argue that we have special reason to listen to those that have seen oppression, dictatorship and war, and the conclusions they are drawing for the future.

    I know her, since we have worked together in the UN system for a while. She is well worth listening to – that’s why I posted her speech.

  3. Blogbluddle skriver:

    One would certainly agree upon the ladies appeal for unconventional thinking.

    Why not reconsider and try to improve the democratic status of the former western Europe as well, now when democracy has become a top priority matter on the world agenda, the tool that might save the world from the threat of remains of tyranny.

    In Sweden, for instance, the word ‘tyranny’ has a certain content.

  4. Per Stromsjo skriver:

    Sweden is far from perfect and I for one would definitely like another government but if you’re suggesting that Sweden is a tyranny you cannot expect to be taken seriously.

  5. Anonymous skriver:

    About tyranny.The immigration politics, for instance, has caused tremendous amounts of death, rapes, drugs, taxes, destruction of social welfare among Swedes and immigrants as well. So what’s the point not letting the people decide its destiny, as made possible in Sjobo 1988?

    We have to get rid of left wing media tyranny and call out international support for democracy and freedom to the oppressed people of the North. Hopefully something is going to happen… and we should all join when the whistle blows or, in any case, not deny people human rights in this part of the world.

    Those involved in advocating democracy on behalf of the free world, among them Mr. Bildt and other European representatives, must consider their overall commitment, or wont be taken seriously or even fail on their grand mission.

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