Henry Kissinger on Middle East Peace Process

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Some voices in the international debate are always worth listening to. Henry Kissinger is certainly among them. Coming from a more ”realist” school of international affairs than what is in vogue at the moment, he still brings vast amount of personal experience and historical perspective to the discussions.

Recently he appeared before the Committee of International Relations of the US House of Representatives with a rather hard-nosed assessment of the situation.

For those of us who have been listening to and reading him for mant years by now, this in his special way seems like a remarkably upbeat assessment of the prospects ahead.

9 Responses to Henry Kissinger on Middle East Peace Process

  1. simulev skriver:

    True, So give the palis some land, and let them call out their new state for the first time ever in the history of mankind.
    If they then continue the terror, just one attack, against Israeli citizens, be it against a civilians or soldier, in the destruction of Israel, it will be viewed as full aggressions from a hostile sovereign nation, and hopefully Israel will this time take the kids glows off, until the threat has completely disappeared from the map. Pali Arabs will then meet the faith of the Greek Philistines. Gaza Old Testament deja vu.

    I Usually don’t quote the bible since am secular, but now it might be the right time and in order to quote Moses from the Old testament

    “But Israel is my special people,
    Sealed as jewels within my treasury.

    Vengeance is mine,
    And I decree the punishment of all her enemies:
    Their doom is sealed.

    […]I raise my hand to heaven
    And vow by my existence,
    That I will whet the lightning of my sword!
    And hurl my punishments upon my enemies!

    My arrows shall be drunk with blood!
    My sword devours the flesh and blood
    Of all the slain and captives.
    The heads of the enemy
    Are gory with blood.’

    Praise his people,
    Gentile nations,
    For he will avenge his people,
    Taking vengeance on his enemies,
    Purifying his land
    And his people.”

  2. Carl Bildt skriver:

    If I understand this latest message of yours, you are threathening not only the total destruction of a future Palestine state, but also the wholesale slaughter of its entire population if someone at some time commits any sort of terrorist attack against Israel.

    I would caution you that there are limits to the amount of hatred that I’m prepared to accept on this blog.

    I have a responsibility for a certain decency in the dialogue over important issues on this site.

  3. simulev skriver:

    You recommends Kissinger, I recommends Old Testament.

    What if you still was state leader and brigades of terrorists rampaged the streets of the capital Stockholm? Wreaking havoc and maiming thousands in scores of targeted atrocities against civilians in bus bombings and in execution style shooting kindergarten children?

    Are saying that Israel has no right to defend herself in the future from such, when originating from a hostile sovereign state? Do you also condemn the US, after one such attack (Israel has so far in comparison suffered a population ratio loss of 20 WTC) for going around half the globe taking out the Taliban’s monster regime?

    Any future peace is up to the Arabs decision, alone.
    ”There is a time for war and a time for peace.”
    – Ecclesiastes 3:8

    Or do you advocate double standards? One standard for Israel, the world Jew, and another standard for the rest of the world?

  4. Sven K skriver:

    Once an agreement on all necessary issues is met, hopefully without a new round of intifadas, the new state will get a lot of international attention, and certainly stay a number one priority in Swedish foreign affairs.

    On the other hand, let us not forget Jihad. It has been around since the days of Muhammed and the determination of Islam to rule the world have increased dramatically.

    Worst case scenarios has to be considered and debated under these conditions.

  5. Carl Bildt skriver:

    Let me just calmly point out to the person hiding – I understand why – under the pseudonym Simulev – that he not only is he advocating a policy of collective punishment but that he also advocates genocide as that particular punishment.

    This is fundamentally incompatible with any sort of Western values. He compromises everything he stands for by advocating policies that can only be met by revulsion by all others.

    It’s certainly true that Israels have died of terrorist attacks during the intifada. It is also true that Palestinians have died. Over 1 000 in the first case and over 4 000 in the later case.

    In no case must this ever be used by anyone to advocate a policy of genocide against either Jews or Palestinians.

    I honestly ask the person behind Simulev to reconsider and retract. I do not accept people advocating genocide on this blog.

  6. simulev skriver:

    ”Let me just calmly point out to the person hiding – I understand why – under the pseudonym Simulev – “Let me just as calmly retort and say I sincerely doubt it. Unless Carl Bildt has converted to Judaism. If he himself, along with his family was the mark for upcoming extermination. Then maybe he would understand the last 2000 years of constant persecutions and pogroms against the Jewsih people that has lasted until this very day. Perhaps then he could get a glimpse of what a Holocaust followed up by ongoing terror might produce. The Shylock Jew is dead, he was gassed in death factory’s by European butchers 60 years ago, the few remaining survivors has reminders of the nightmare tattooed in their underarms for ever. Their grandchildren are redeemed by the memories. Today we call that Israel Defence Forces, perhaps one of the finest and most effective army on earth.

    This is needed because of today gruesome hate-Jews-speech is preached allover Middle East, and in the new immigrant, under the pretext refuge and asylum, enclaves in Europe that preaches incitement and hatred where it is proclaimed a blessing to become a martyr in Allah’s name, if killing the infidel. Mass murder instructions that echoed in Swedish mosques only the last year. Daily death treats and terror instructions in Swedish operated Internet servers.

    ”that he not only is he advocating a policy of collective punishment but that he also advocates genocide as that particular punishment.”I most certainly have not. Let me draw a simple mind-map for you: If state A attacks state B, I say that state B, the one that is attacked, has the right to defend herself. Until that threat cease to exist. Are you saying that you disagree with that?

    ”It’s certainly true that Israels have died of terrorist attacks during the intifada. It is also true that Palestinians have died. Over 1 000 in the first case and over 4 000 in the later case.”And it’s equally true that no-one should have died, if the EU pet Arafat had accepted normal decent negotiations, instead of unlashing his terror brigades against Israelis civilians as answer if he wanted a new 23:rd Arab state.
    If Muslim Arabs lay down their arms there can be peace. If Israel lays downs it arms they will be destroyed, as the Muslim Arabs has promised time after time. Not a single Muslim Arab will be shoot by any Israeli, if the Muslim Arabs not are firing first, forcing Israelis to return fire.

    ”I honestly ask the person behind Simulev to reconsider and retract.”

    If you can explain to me why I should accept terror-rewards, slicing Jewish mainland’s, and give to people that preaches that not only I shall die, but my entire family along with all relatives? Convince me please, I urge you.

  7. simulev skriver:

    Incase you don’t understand me, Mr. Bildt, I suggest you tune in real Israeli media right now. This after one of the many bombings targeted explicitly against a civilian gathering. And now would be a good idea for you to explain why the Arab words you seem to support and their so-called promises speak lower than real actions.
    This while PA lip service will try to, in English downplay this terror attack, there most probably will be plenty of sources that proves in near future, as always, the PA and Arab congratulations for mass murdering Jewish youngsters, just like their Nazi mentors.

    Pali groups of madmen are right now fighting over taking proud responsibility for atrocities of mass slaughter innocent civilian Jews.

    Maybe this could be one explanation why terror succeeds against Jews while EU are dumbfounded silent as always when Jews are butchered? But all bets are on that the same EU will attack and condemn any Israeli later counter action.

  8. Anonymous skriver:

    There seems to be a html-problem with links in comments. Simulevs link should read


  9. simulev skriver:

    You should take some time and read this news article.

    Then, if you (as eager seeking the peoples voice on the street) wanna know what ”the everyday” Israelis and diaspora Jews feels towards this, read the comment section below the news article.

    Or just read this.

    Still wanna reward Islamofacism?

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