Chinese Internet Shutdown

China Says It Shut Down 12,575 Internet Cafes in Three-Month Crackdown – from

It’s not the first time. But now there has obviously been a new offensive by the authorities in China against use of the Internet not controlled by them.

Nearly 13 000 Internet caf’es were closed since they did not have the necessary permission. And part of this permission is the installation of software that blocks and controls access to sensitive sites.

Pornography, they say. Certainly. But it seems as if democracy is considered even more dangereous.

3 Responses to Chinese Internet Shutdown

  1. Anonymous skriver:

    China, killing 55 millions of its own people to keep their mouths shut, still hailed by multi-ethnical experimentalist Göran Persson in the socialdemocratic
    province of China.

  2. steelneck skriver:

    Yes, it is sad. But take a look at where we are going, thats scary too. Read this little story about the right to read. It can seem a little far out for somebody that never has thought about the issues, but most of the specific laws and practices are allredy enacted or in the ”political pipeline” in the U.S. and European Union.

  3. GVE-dr skriver:

    W#e hae the same tendencies in Sweden – The Social democratic parti is step by step taking over the control of media, and it would´t surprise me if we in a near future see the same in efforts to cotrol Internet in Sweden. Let´s returt to the subject when we are approaching the election in ´2006. /Ursus

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